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Upcoming Exams/Grade 8 NYS Science Exam Schedule

As a friendly reminder, please find the remaining NYS Spring Assessment Schedule below. This year only students in 8th grade will take the NYSED Science Exams. Next year (2023-2024), the shift to administration of Science Exams in 5th and 8th grade will begin.

Please look for additional guidance from your child's school specific to the test administration procedures on the days indicated below. Additionally, information regarding the June 1st US History and Government Regents Exam and the CCHS AP Exam schedule have been sent separately from Cornwall Central High School.

If you have questions regarding any of the exams, please contact your child's school so that they can support you directly. Our students have been working diligently all year, and we are confident that they will find success on these benchmark exams. We wish all our students well as they complete this year's assessment cycle.


Grade 8 NYS Science Exam Schedule

Grades 8 Science

Performance Administration - 5/30-6/2


Grades 8 Science

Written Administration -6/5