• Math AIS

    Welcome to Academic Intervention for Math! 

    If there is ever a day off from school due to a weather event or a time you would like extra practice, please refer to the list below: 


    Pick two or three activities to do on a day off from school. 


    *15 minutes on REFLEX Math site - sign in with your classroom code

    *15 minutes on IXL Math.com - select your grade level for appropriate activities

    *15- 20 minutes on Mathplayground.com - select your grade level for activities 

    *Spend 15–20 minutes working on basic facts (gr. 1 and 2 addition and subtraction) (grade 3 and 4 multiplication and division)

    For the above : use flashcards, make flashcards, use shaving cream or a tray of salt (with parent permission) to write facts. 

    *With adult help: bake something and measure the ingredients with an adult. Discuss the fractional parts of the recipe. If you had to double the recipe, how much would you need of each ingredient?

    Have fun! 

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Mrs. Eltzholtz

My name is Maureen - but that's OK. 



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