• Ms. Kimberly Zawacki, LCSW-R

    Clinical School Social Worker

    Willow Avenue Elementary School

    (845) 534-8009 ext. 3026

Phone: (845) 534-8009 ext. 3026


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kimberly Zawacki, LCSW-R


School social workers are assigned to assist students in grades K-12 and their families with a variety of social needs. Counseling is available on a group or individual basis, when recommended by the Instructional Support Team (IST), the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or through a 504 Education Plan. Social workers also act as a resource and referral source for community and county service agencies.

The goal of the Counseling Program is to support the student’s ability to function in their academic setting. Counseling may be mandated for students with emotional or behavioral goals through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan. Brief treatment and assessment may be recommended for non-mandated counseling services for children experiencing behaviors or emotions impacting their ability in the classroom setting. The goal of any form of school counseling is to support the student's academic success and to return them to the classroom setting. 

Social workers must receive parental consent in order to provide supportive counseling services. Students may be referred to outside community providers for situations involving significant emotional or family issues. Counseling services are deemed confidential.    




Willow Avenue Elementary Schools currently provide the following counseling services:

Bullying presentations, Character Education Traits

Student Observations as recommended by the parent, teacher and Instructional Support Team.

Holiday Assistance for families in need is coordinated between the social worker and the Food Services Department.

Community Referrals are made to local and county resources.

Mandated Counseling based on Individual Education Plan and 504 criteria

Supportive, assessment counseling as recommended by the Instructional Support team