Welcome to Grade 6 Science on the Green Team!


    Science Homework

    from the Book Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

    I hope that you believe me
    for I wouldn’t tell a lie.
    I cannot turn my science homework in and
     this is why:

    I messed up the assignment
    that you gave us yesterday.
    It burbled from its test tube
    and went slithering away.

    It wriggled off the table and it landed with a splat,
    convulsed across my bedroom floor
    and terrorized the cat.

    It shambled down the staircase
    with a horrid glorping noise.
    It wobbled to the family room
    and gobbled all my toys.

    It tumbled to the kitchen
    and digested every plate.
    That slimy blob enlarged
    with every item that it ate.

    It writhed around the living room
    digesting lamps and chairs,
    then snuck up on our napping dog
    and caught him unawares.

    I came to school upset today.
    My head’s in such a fog.
    But this is my excuse:
    You see, my homework ate my dog.

    If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

    Albert Einstein