Cornwall Central Middle School

      About Our School

      • Cornwall Central Middle School is a 5th through 8th-grade middle school. Located on Main St. in scenic Cornwall, NY, CCMS occupies the building formerly known as the Cornwall Central High School. In an effort to create smaller learning communities in a building of approximately 1000 students, students are housed in four grade-specific wings. Teachers at each grade level are teamed and share a common group of students. Our curriculum is aligned with the NYS Learning Standards. Below is the list of courses that students receive instruction in, at each grade level.

        5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
        Reading Reading Math Math
        Math Math Social Studies Social Studies
        Social Studies Social Studies Science Science
        Science Science Spanish or French Spanish or French
        Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
        Art Art Art Art
        Music Music Music Music
        Skills -
        Library, Writing/ELA,
        Math, STEAM
        Skills -
        Math, Writing/ELA
        Home and Careers Technology

        Students at CCMS have the opportunity for acceleration in mathematics and science beginning in 7th grade. Students identified in need receive Academic Intervention Services at all grade levels. In addition to general music studies, students can join one of our bands, string ensemble, and chorus.

        Balancing academics with co-curricular activities is important to the social, physical, and emotional development of young adolescents. At CCMS, we encourage our students to join one or more of our many clubs or sports teams.

        We thank you for visiting our website, and your interest in our school program. If you have any questions about our school program, please contact us.

        If you would like to learn more about the curriculum taught at each level, please click on the following link- CCSD Curriculum Maps

      Principal's Message

      • Welcome to Cornwall Central Middle School, home of the “Dragons.” CCMS is located about 50 miles north of New York City on the western shore of the Hudson River. Our school offers a comprehensive middle school program designed to meet the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of middle-school-age children. The curriculum provides all students with instruction in the areas of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health/Physical Education. A variety of electives are offered, including Art, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and World Languages. Students may apply for acceleration beginning in grade 7 in the areas of Math and Science.

        Our after-school-program offers 13 modified athletic teams for students in grades 7 and 8 and a variety of clubs and student organizations meet throughout the year from 2:55-3:55 PM. Students involved in CCMS's club program are eligible to take the 4PM bus home. CCMS faculty members are dedicated and committed professionals who believe in the potential for all of our students to see success. Each teacher takes pride in teaching the curriculum using current best practices and strives to provide an environment that allows middle-level students to thrive.

        CCMS parents and our community value education and are supportive of school programs, staff, and the PTO. We believe that all students are entitled to have a good day. Our dedicated counseling and administrative team is available to provide support to both students and their parents. 

        We invite all of our families to stay in touch by signing up for our daily announcements and following us on Instagram. 

        We wish everyone a successful and happy school year. 

        My Best, 

        Kate Polumbo, Principal

      Mission Statement

      • At Cornwall Central Middle School, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where learning is valued, differences are accepted and each child is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential.
        • We believe our school community is a collaborative partnership among students, parents, faculty and staff.
        • We believe that our school program continually strives to support the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of young learners as they transition to responsible, independent adolescents.
        • We believe that each child is unique and has the ability to succeed.
        • We believe that teachers inspire and challenge students while providing a rigorous academic program.
        • We believe that each teacher and staff member is a positive role model who encourages students to become productive members of our school community and life-long learners.
        • We believe that positive character development, which is established and reinforced in our school community, will help our students develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-respect and empathy towards others.
        • We believe in offering a variety of extra-curricular opportunities that will enrich our students and foster their personal development.