• Mr. Greevy’s Science Class Information Sheet                                         7th Grade Science



    Please review this course outline.


    Materials for Class:

                Bound composition notebook (for science only)



    Colored pencils


    Homework and Classwork:

    Students are expected to complete all homework and unfinished class assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all work on time. Homework turned in one day late will be counted as ½ credit, after that it will not be accepted. (Illness/extended absences from school can be discussed with Mr. Greevy on an individual basis. Please talk to me!). Homework is expected to be done neatly, completely, and on time. It is not expected that each individual answer to be correct, effort is the most important thing!


    Testing: Students will be tested at the end of each chapter and unit. All tests will be announced. Quizzes will be almost every week. Quizzes may occasionally be unannounced.


    Conduct: Students will be expected to adhere to the Cornwall Central Middle School code of conduct at all times.


    Student Progress: Student report card grades are based on the following.

    30% Quizzes, 30% Tests, 20% Homework, 20% Classwork/participation in class


    If students or parents ever have any questions about our class at any time please ask!

    I am looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year.  –Mr. Greevy


    Please contact me any time at mgreevy@cornwallschools.com