• Conduct - It is important that all students behave appropriately in class. Students must follow classroom rules and expectations at all times. Students are expected to be respectful to teachers, students and materials.


    Preparation for Class - Students are expected to come to class prepared to work. Pencils, notebooks, charged chromebook and other materials should be brought to class each day. Student planners should be brought to class each day to record daily homework assignments and upcoming tests and quizzes.


    Homework - Students are expected to complete homework assignments as instructed by the teacher. Late work will still need to be handed in, but will be graded accordingly. Students will have a weekly math sheet that will be turned in each Friday. Weekly sheets should be completed throughout the week. Students are expected to see me during their flex periods with help, should they need it.

    Grading Policy

    Tests - 100 pts.

    Projects/Quizzes - 50 pts.

    Weekly Sheets - 25 pts.

    Daily Homework - 10 pts.