• The Building & Grounds department is a group of dedicated people working together to maintain the efficient harmonious operation of every school building as an instructional institution. Our success is due to hiring the right people, who work well together towards a common goal. We are a department that is expanding, growing, and constantly moving on to new and different challenges.


    Our Mission Statement
    To provide a clean, healthy, safe, educational environment, maintain the structural integrity and efficiency of our facilities and preserve and protect the investment of our taxpayers.


    Custodial Staff
    Our custodial staff cleans approximately 300,000 square feet of building space each and every school day. They provide support services to the teachers, students, staff, and outside users.


    Our grounds staff of four employees are responsible for maintaining over 100 acres of athletic fields, lawns, trees and gardens keeping driveways and parking lots in a safe condition. They prepare and line athletic fields, They mow, trim, seed, and rebuild fields as an ongoing process. The grounds staff is also responsible for all snow plowing, sanding, tree pruning, moving instructional equipment and supplies. Each year in June they transport all of the chairs and equipment necessary for the outdoor graduations at three of the schools. They also pick up and deliver the government food orders on a monthly basis.


    Maintenance Staff
    Our maintenance staff of three consists of one maintenance carpenter and two maintenance mechanics. All have expertise in more than one trade. The maintenance carpenter is responsible for all carpentry repairs for the district. Such as; doors and hardware, general repairs, glass replacement, building walls, hanging doors and cabinetry work. The two maintenance/mechanics are responsible for maintaining our boiler plants and solving electrical, plumbing and heating problems. Our maintenance staff of three is small but very skilled facility maintenance professionals. -top-




    The hub of activity for the buildings and grounds department is the Superintendent of Building & Grounds office. This office is staffed by the Superintendent of Building & Grounds, one full-time secretary and one Health & Safety Compliance clerk.


    The full-time secretary is responsible for the everyday operations of the office. This includes all personnel-related work; attendance, advertising, organizing interviews, record keeping, etc. All work orders and preventative maintenance work orders are processed here and sent to the proper department for completion. All energy use, district wide, is monitored and documented through this office; electric, fuel oil, natural gas, water and sewer, etc. The purchase of all equipment; materials, supplies, and contractual services for the department is performed here. We also keep an inventory of each building's usage including all outside users. All requests (which are increasing in numbers each year) for the usage of our buildings internally or by outside groups are handled through this office.


    The Health and Safety Compliance Clerk is responsible for all health and safety laws and regulations pertaining to public schools. This includes; annual fire inspections of all district buildings, maintaining all records pertaining to asbestos management certification and annual physical exams, staff training and enrichment. Maintaining all permits, certificates and records for federal and state compliance of hazardous waste, OSHA and employee safety and DOL. This covers some of the many functions the department is called upon to perform on a daily basis.


    We are very proud of our contribution to the educational process. The level of expertise that this department offers would not be possible without the support we have received from the community, the staff, the administration and the Board of Education.


    The Cornwall Central School District has done well over the years in developing excellent schools. To continue this program of excellence, the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education are monitoring the enrollment increases to ensure that every student will have adequate facilities to receive the best education possible.