School Budget Vote

  • You are a qualified voter if you are:

    • US Citizen
    • 18 years of age by May 21, 2024
    • Resident of the district for 30 days immediately preceding the vote
    • Registered to vote with the district

    Voter Registration:

    If you meet the first three qualifications listed above but have not registered to vote, you must register in order to vote in the School Budget Vote:

    Voter registration options:

    1. Register with the Orange County Board of Elections    
    2. Register online at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website
    3. CCSD Only Registration
      1. It is not necessary to register with CCSD if you are already a registered voter.
      2. If you are not a registered voter with the County/State, but want to participate only in the CCSD Budget Vote please visit the District Office at 24 Idlewild Avenue, Cornwall-on-Hudson to complete "District Only" registration. Note: To register with the district, you must provide a valid ID (driver's license, military ID or passport) and proof of residency (i.e. a valid current lease or utility bill).  
    4. Members of the Military who are currently living in the district (for 30 days immediately preceding the vote) and are not registered voters with the Orange County Board of Elections may register to vote in the CCSD Budget Vote by completing the above steps for "CCSD Only Registration". 
    5. Please note: all registrations MUST be completed before the 5th day preceding the vote.

    Voting by Absentee Ballot

    Registered voters may request and use an Absentee Ballot in advance of the election if they are unable to vote in person for the reasons set forth by the NY State Board of Elections as listed on the Absentee Ballot Application. 

    Anyone who needs to apply for an Absentee Ballot may do so by printing and completing the form below "Application for Absentee Ballot CCSD".  Applications must be delivered by mail or in person to the District Clerk at 24 Idlewild Avenue, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 by the date specified in the application. Please note - applications may not be submitted more than thirty (30) days prior to the vote. 

    Please note that Military Voters who would like to request an absentee ballot should use the specific Application for Military Absentee Ballot below.