• Covid Reminder: Procedures & Protocols


    A staff member who tests positive for Covid, regardless of vaccination status, is eligible for paid leave without a deduction in any sick accruals for up to three instances.  


    Should an individual test positive and qualify for this paid time, the individual must complete the Affirmation of Isolation and return to Patricia Oginz or Brent Harrington in Human Resources.  In turn, the individual’s sick days will be adjusted from “sick” to New York Paid Sick Time (NYPST).  

    It is important to note that an individual who tests positive must remain out of work for five days from the day of the positive test result.  The individual may return on day six so long as substantive symptoms are no longer present, including a fever.  Additionally, the individual returning to work should wear a mask from day six through day ten. 


    Cancer Screening Form

    Request for Leave of Absence Form