General Care Tips

        • Be careful when inserting cords, cables, and removable storage devices into your Chromebook.   
        • Do not touch the screen with a pen, a pencil or any other item.  The screen is sensitive and responds when you lightly touch it with your finger.  Do not use excessive pressure on the screen.
        • Place your Chromebook on level surfaces where it will not fall accidentally.
        • Do not place textbooks or other heavy objects on top of the Chromebook.    
        • Chromebooks should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, do not set your Chromebook on the dashboard of your car where temperatures may be extremely hot    
        • Chromebook lids should always be closed and tightly secured when moving. Do not carry your Chromebook while the screen is open.
        • Unplug your Chromebook when it is not charging.    
        • Never move a Chromebook by holding the screen. Always support a Chromebook from its bottom with the lid closed.    
        • If carrying your Chromebook in your backpack, avoid sharp objects in your backpack around your Chromebook, and avoid throwing your backpack or leaving it in places where it can be accidentally kicked    
        • Do not lean or put pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed.    
        • Do not store the Chromebook with the screen in the open position.     
        • Do not lay a pen or similar object on the keyboard. If you overlook the item and close the lid, the object is likely to damage the screen.    
        • Do not carry your Chromebook around with the power adapter plugged in.
        • Do not spray or wipe your Chromebook with any windex/household cleaner/water and/or cleaning cloth/wipes.

      Charging Your Chromebook

      • Please be sure to power off your Chromebook and charge it FULLY every night for each school day.

        Some models do not turn off when you shut the lid. If you still see a light on after closing the lid, manually shut it down before charging.

        PLEASE NOTE:

        1. Powering off your Chromebook ensures all updates are applied properly
        2. Not all chargers are created equal (chargers must be at least 45W) – your phone charger will not have enough power to charge your Chromebook
        3.    Do not wait until your battery dies to charge – if your battery is >15% it will not charge while you are still using it even when plugged in
        4. The charger must be seated fully in the charging port – you will see a light if the charger is connected properly
        5. Acer Models – blue: fully charged; amber: charging
        6. Lenovo Models – white: fully charged; orange: charging; red: no battery life, charge until orange
        7. Dell Models – white: fully charged; amber: charging
        8. Troubleshooting:
        9. Try a different charging port
        10. Try a different outlet
        11. Try a different charger if you have access to one (please be sure it is not a phone charger)
        12. Try to charge it overnight – completely depleted batteries take a bit more time to charge

        ****If none of the above works and you need to send/bring it in to be looked at, please make sure you send/bring the charger with it so that we may determine whether it is the charger or the Chromebook***


      Updating Your Chromebook

      If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

      Delete Your Browsing data

      • If you are experiencing issues in your Chrome browser, clearing your history may help. 

        Refer to the pictures below instructions:

        1. On your computer, open Chrome.
        2. At the top right, click More More and then Clear browsing data.
        3. Click Advanced
        4. Choose 'All Time' in Time Range
        5. Select all checkboxes.
        6. Click Clear data.

        Next, reset your browser settings:

        1. Click 'Reset Settings'  

        2. Click 'Restore settings to their original defaults'
        3. Click 'Reset Settings' (be sure to uncheck the 'help make chrome better' box)