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    School Wide Cell Phone Classroom Contract:

    As everyone knows, cell phones and earbuds/headphones cause distractions. It is for that reason that in the 2023-24 school year, cell phone use will be strictly prohibited by the English department (unless otherwise instructed for the given lesson). By signing the form in Google Classroom, students and parent(s)/guardians acknowledge the following rules. Please note that this policy will be enforced whether or not the Google Form is submitted. 

    • Upon entering the classroom, the student is required to place his/her cell phone out of sight, preferably in their book bag/purse--  NOT in their pocket/on their person. Headphones/earbuds must also be put away with the phone. 

    • Should the student be caught violating the classroom guidelines for cell phone use, the following protocol will follow:


    1st offense- Students will be warned only once.  The phone must be put away.

    2nd offense-   Teacher issues a detention.  Additionally, parents/guardians will be contacted.  Failure to serve detention will result in a referral.  

    3rd offense and beyond-  The student will receive an office referral.  

     **Refusal to put the phone away will automatically result in the 3rd offense.**