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  • Friends, Dragons, Parents, Guardians, Countrymen...Lend Me Your Eyes!

    Greetings, Magical Passers-By! I am so honored to be here as a 26-year teacher of ELA at CCHS, and welcome you to my teaching space. This year, I'm teaching AP Lang, Creative Writing, Sci-Fi, and UAlbany Classism, Racism, and Sexism; I am also a CCSD graduate, so I really do "bleed green!" Hopefully, you'll find useful information on these pages, and you are always encouraged to reach out should you have any questions or feedback.

    Parents, please note that all classroom doings in terms of assignments and study materials can be found in my Google Classrooms. I encourage you to head there with your student and interact with them about the content they're engaging. Doing so will give you a clear sense of the intention and nature of the instruction I've designed.

    I hope that you have a wonderful day, and many happy adventures as you go on your merry way! 
    Linda DeNardo, CCHS English Teacher

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