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         Many colleges use standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT as part of their admissions selection process. Some colleges do not require standardized tests for admission. Check on for a list of these schools.

        Before deciding which tests to take, make a list of the colleges you're considering. Then review school catalogs, handbooks or college search engines, such as Naviance Family Connection to find out whether the schools require scores for admission and, if so, how many tests and in which subjects.

        The ACT measures the knowledge, understanding, and skills that you've acquired throughout your education with topics in English, Math, Science, and Reading with an optional Writing section.

        SAT Reasoning Test- assesses how well you analyze and solve problems—skills you learned in school that you'll need in college with topics in Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each section of the SAT is scored on a scale of 200—800, with two writing subscores for multiple-choice and the essay.

        SAT Subject Tests - are designed to measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as your ability to apply that knowledge.

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        Some Popular Test Prep Sites and Information

        College Board: SAT Preparation Center - Information about the tests including: SAT practice questions and tests and SAT Question of the Day. A good resource direct from the source of the SAT, PSAT, AP creators.

        Kaplan Pre-College Information - Great information on PSAT, SAT, ACT tests, test scores and what they mean, re-centering, sample test questions, and much more.

        Educational Services Center - This center offers it's services at CCHS in preparation for both the November and May SAT Reasoning Exam. Talk to your counselor for more information.

        Khan Academy - Free test preparation for SAT

        PREP Factory - Free ACT and SAT Preparation 

        Some popular resource books that are available for purchase at your local bookstore include: The Princeton Review, The College Board's Official Guide, Sparknotes, Barrons, etc.

        **Only you as the consumers, both parents and students, can say which program is best style of preparation is right for your ability. These links are only to give options to help you make an informed decision. There are plenty of options out there!!


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