• Roseann D'Esposito

    Senior Payroll Clerk

    (845) 534-8009 x 7109

    District employees are paid bi-weekly by either direct deposit or a physical payroll check. Employees who do not have regular summer hours (10 month contractual employees) can elect to be compensated over ten months (26 pay cycle) by filling out the form below, otherwise pay is calculated over ten months (21 pay cycle).

    Pay dates for the current school year are available below. Please expand the "Payroll" Section.

    For mileage and travel reimbursement, please see the Accounts Payable page (see link below).

    Accounts Payable page - mileage & travel reimbursement 

  • Direct Deposit

    Direct deposit is an ideal way for you to receive your paycheck. Your paycheck is automatically deposited to an account(s) of your choosing and you will still receive a pay stub. No more trips to the bank! If you do not currently take advantage of this program and would like to enroll, please complete the form below, attach a voided check from your account(s) and send it to Roseann D'Esposito at the District Office. Note: the change to direct deposit may not take effect until one or two subsequent payroll cycles.

    403(b) Retirement Plan

    Current Federal and State tax laws permit you to voluntarily fund a tax-deferred retirement plan through your payroll. Cornwall School District utilizes The OMNI Group to administer its 403(b) Retirement Plan. For frequently asked questions and election forms, please visit The OMNI Group website, www.omni403b.com. For information specific to Cornwall's plan, select New York in the "State" drop down box and then select Cornwall CSD in the "Organization" drop down box Then click "Submit".

    Teachers' Retirement System

    In order for a new employee to be enrolled as Tier 5 in TRS the following must occur:

    1. She/he must render service before April 1, 2012 and
    2. An Application for Membership (NET-2) must be notarized on or before the date service is rendered.

    Membership will be established as Tier 6 for part-time employees whose applications are notarized after March 31, 2012 and who have not had employee contributions to the Retirement System deducted from their earnings.

  • Changing your Payroll Filing Status or Deductions

    To change your filing status or the amount of deductions from your payroll, you must complete a new W-4 form (Federal) and IT-2104 (NYS). After completion, please sign the form and send it to Roseanne D'Esposito at the District Office. Note: the changes may not take effect until one or two subsequent payroll cycles.

    Employees Retirement System (ERS)/Teachers Retirement System (TRS)

    All Full Time employees are part of the Teachers Retirement System (Teachers and Teacher Assistants) or Employee Retirement System (Clerical, Custodial, Food Service, Teacher Aides, Greeters). Joining is optional for Part Time employees. Enrollment forms are provided in new employee hiring packages and available in the Payroll Department at the District Office. 

    For information about your retirement account or management of your account (such as beneficiary changes or pension calculations), please contact the TRS website or ERS website directly.

    *Chapter 18 of the Laws of 2012, signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo March 16, creates a new benefits structure (Tier 6) for members who join a New York State public retirement system on or after April 1, 2012. Additional details are available at www.nystrs.org and www.osc.state.ny.us.

    Employees' Retirement System

    Employees on payroll for whom membership in the Employees' Retirement System was optional and who chose not to join, such as seasonal or part-time employees who decide to join ERS, and they are registered before April 1, 2012, they will be Tier 5 members. Any optional member registrations received on or after April 1, 2012 will be designated as Tier 6. Please remember that optional members must be working and on the payroll on their date of membership.