Biology and Chemistry

    • This is a full year course with a lab requirement.
    • You are required to complete all labs in order to be eliglble for the Regents exam in June. There is no local exam!
    • You are also required to do all homework assigned.
    • I do not accept late work!!
    • Please refer to suppy list on sub page "supplies..."


  • You are required to have the following supplies:

    • a notebook for notes and homework.  I recommend a 3 subject one.  Homework must be done in a separate section.
    • pen and or pencils everyday
    • colored pencils 
    • Folders or a binder for packets
    • Chemistry students are required to have a marble composition notebook for study guides and short answer questions in addition to 3 subject notebook. You also need a scientific calculator.


    • You must complete 1200 min of lab activity to sit for the Regents exam in June. This means that you must complete each lab that is assigned.
    • You must make use of the lab time to complete the tasks assigned.  All labs are due at the end of the lab period.  Each lab activity is alloted the appropriate time to complete the tasks and answer any questions.  
    • Any lab that is handed in late will receive a grade of zero.  I do not accept any late work.
    • If you are absent on your lab day, it is your responsiblity to make up that lab upon your return.  You must make arrangement with any of the lab teachers to sit in on their lab section and complete it.
    • Any lab that requires you to draw what you see must be done in color!!!
    • All labs must be done in pencil only!!
    • Bring a pencil, colored pencils and your text to lab.