• (I Find that the Word "Expectation" Doesn't Quite Capture the Nature of What We Mean Here, so I Looked up the Word "Expect" and Found It to Be More Applicable):

    Expect (as a transitive verb): to consider reasonable, due, or necessary

    (Hence, I Offer These 2 Sub-categories):

    A. Expectations for me as the teacher, in the form of "expects":

    1. I expect that all students will be provided with lots of great brain and spirit sunlight and water so that they can synthesize into the magical beings that I know them to be.
    2. I expect that my instruction intrinsically prepares students for wherever their awesome Life adventures take them.
    3. I expect my students to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom environment so that true, authentic learning can take place.
    4. I expect myself to provide timely, meaningful feedback so that students may grow and move themselves to the magical places referenced in expect #1.
    5. I expect myself to engage my students as learners, as people, and as responsible citizens.
    6. I expect myself to be aware of my students' needs and to constantly re-calibrate as needed to accommodate those needs.
    7. I expect myself to be an open learner the way I ask my students to be, and to listen to their thoughts and feedback about my best-practice with intention.