• Rules and Procedures for all Classes


    Procedures For all Classes: 

    In this class you will be expected to do the following in a timely and competent fashion:  write extensively and share your writings; read assigned work and discuss your ideas on it; complete all given homework; work in individual and small group settings; and listen carefully to comments and directions.

    • Attendance:  All work missed is YOUR responsibility to make-up.  You must come to me for the assignments the FIRST day you are back.  Speak to me before or after class/school-- not in the middle of class.  Be responsible!
    • Conferences: To foster independence and encourage student ownership, the procedure for a student who is unsure about a grade is as follows: 1. Schedule a student meeting with me (most grade questions can be resolved at this step) 2. If the grade in question is unresolved after the student-teacher meeting, please feel free to email me or schedule a parent-teacher meeting. I am available before school Monday – Friday and after school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in room D-5 by appointment.  I am also available during the day during my lunch and prep periods.
    • Accounts:  Students are required to use their Google accounts issued through the school in which they will participate in Google Classroom and Turnitin.com.  All papers should be saved on Google Drive.
    • Materials:  You will not be given passes to your locker during the class period. You must bring your chromebook, book, notebook and dittos, as well as writing utensils every day.  Final drafts MUST be typed and will not be accepted otherwise; thus, if you do not have a computer at home you need to make time to visit a computer lab on campus. You can print at any time in the school library by sending your document to the librarians. They will print it for you.  Times New Roman and Arial fonts only! 
    • **Plagiarism and Cheating:  Plagiarism, recycling and cheating shall carry severe penalties.  The assignment will be entered as a zero and the student(s) may be subject to further administrative punishment.

    Reading List Possiblities for 9-12 grade