• Grading Policy

    Late Assignments:  Absence is not an excuse for a missing or late assignment. In the age of technology, the expectation is that work is submitted electronically (via the Google classroom or email) in the event that a student cannot be present in class. **If the student has no internet access/electronic device, arrangements must be made with the teacher.

    Writing assignments (final drafts), projects, or long term assignments:  10 points off every day an assignment is late.  After five days (including weekends) the late assignment, project or presentation will NOT be accepted and you will receive a 0.  

    Homework: Due to the varied nature of homework assignments throughout the course of a year, the penalties for late work will reflect the expectations of the assignment. ypically, homework assignments to be reviewed the next day in class will receive a penalty of 0 if not turned in on time.  

    Quiz and test make-up: It is the student’s responsibility to make up quizzes and tests within five days of returning to class. Work not made up in the allotted time will result in a 0. 

    Grading Policy: Homework/Classwork: 5-20 points; Quizzes: 25-50 points; Tests/Writing/Projects/Presentations: 60-100 points.  

    Behaviour Expectations

    All school rules are enforced in this classroom -- review your Student Code of Conduct. If you remember the word RESPECT you will remember the rules of this class:

    1. Have respect for yourself             2. Have respect for others                3. Have respect of property


    English Department Cell Phone Classroom Contract

    As everyone knows, cell phones and earbuds/headphones cause distractions. It is for that reason that cell phone use will be strictly prohibited (unless otherwise instructed for the given lesson).

    • Upon entering the classroom, the student is required to place his/her cell phone out of sight, preferably in their bookbag/purse--  NOT in their pocket/on their person.   Headphones/earbuds must also be put away with the phone. 
    • Should the student be caught violating the classroom guidelines for cell phone use, the following protocol will follow:

    1st offense- Warning.   The phone must be put away.  **Refusal to put the phone away will automatically result in the 3rd offense.**

    2nd offense-   Warning and teacher will call home

    3rd offense-  Teacher issues a detention.  Additionally, parents/guardians will be contacted.  Failure to serve detention will result in a referral.

    4th offense and beyond: The student will receive an office referral.